How will participating universities benefit financially?

What does the programme consist of?

DRUSSA is divided in four key programme areas. These respectively deal with:
  1. Individual capacity strengthening, via (1) the MPhil in Research Evidence and Impact and continuing professional development courses (2) modularised and certificated CPD courses in Research Uptake Management, which could lead to a post graduate diploma or M Phil in Research Uptake Management. This programme area is led by CREST at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa.

  2. Organisational and institutional strengthening, undertaken via a programme of leadership events, which will include a benchmarking exercise, and on-campus assessment and learning workshops at each of the 24 universities. This programme area is led by the ACU.

  3. Evaluating the impact of research uptake within specific development research projects at selected universities, and the development of a series of „case and tracking studies‟ which analyse and document this. This programme area is led by CREST.

  4. The development of an online ‘community for the 24 universities and and a “network” for others interested in the research uptake field. The DRUSSA information services will delivered to desktop or on mobile, and the use of other social media platforms. The programme area will engage wider networks connected to the DRUSSA programme, particularly the regional research and innovation management associations. This programme area is led by OSD.

  5. The programme is a five-year one, with limited opportunities for physical meetings. Accordingly, we will also be supporting the participating universities with on-line information and knowledge services. These are planned to be interactive and to draw the 24 participating universities‟ teams into a shared learning community

How will participating universities benefit financially?

Participating universities will not receive funding to support their involvement with the programme. However, the costs of attendance for staff invited to any workshops held off-campus will be met by the DRUSSA programme, and catering and related event costs for campus-based events organised through the programme will also be covered. In addition each university will be eligible for bursaries to participate in the CPD courses, and there will be 20 bursaries for the MPhil programme to be awarded amongst the group of 24 participating universities.